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Nagaraj    Oktober 2020

Sehr gut!

Laura    Oktober 2020

It was a great Start in a sunday morning, energizing and strengthening. Chinmayee does a great Job :)

Betina    Oktober 2020

Favorite Yoga class in Munich! And the perfect start to the weekend with a mix of warm-up, flows and relaxation.

Basira    September 2020

Great teacher, lovely location and amazing atmosphere! Thank you so much Chinmayee!

Blum    September 2020

Superb Yoga class!

Lisa    September 2020

It has truly been a wonderful experience. Loved it a lot - being outside in Englischer Garten and enjoy this holistic yoga class

Nagaraj    September 2020

Sehr gut

Chaitra    September 2020

Der Yoga-Kurs war sehr energisch und wunderbar. einfach das beste! Chinmayee ist ein sehr sachkundiger und erfahrener Lehrer