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  Yogakurs alle Level


Henri    März 2020

solveig ist super nett und kompetent. ich war mit meiner freundin da und vor allem ich bin echt ins schwitzen gekommen. es empfiehlt sich für leute, die lust auf ein ausgefallenes date haben.

Joanne    März 2020

Solveig is really patience and caring tutor.

Taylor    Februar 2020

Solveig's class was a great experience! She greeted me at the door when I arrived, and was kind enough to provide a mat for me to use since I was a traveller. Solveig was a great instructor, and I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Mariko    Dezember 2019

I received a warm welcome from Solveig:) She is warmhearted person and very international! The place was easy to reach by public transportation and I enjoyed the blue sky, the sunshine and the pleasant breeze through yoga. Thank you for the beautiful experience!

Marina    Dezember 2019

I had a lovely class with Solveig. Highly recommend.

Jin    November 2019

This was 1st yoga experience and 1 hour session was great. Alot of flexing and moving around on the mat. Solveig as a instructor really know her stuff.

José    November 2019

Super experience. An excellent moment.

Rocio Alicia    Oktober 2019

Very nice flow of yoga. Highly recommended!

Chris    September 2019

Solveig's experience is truly far more than a Yoga class. It was delightedful to be greeted by a group of kind, welcoming, smily people, go through the Yoga postures in a very progressive manner. No fuss, only actual positions, that unlock, strech, strengthen, challenge my body and make me realize I should definitely to this at least weakly.

Lucie    August 2019

It was very interesting experience. I really enjoyed it. Our teacher was kind and friendly. Atmosphere was calm and nice.

Emily    August 2019

Solveig is a professional and experience yoga teacher. She is responsible and nice. We can see her passion on teaching yoga!


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