New Moon Circle Munich

Teilnehmeranzahl: 2-15
Preis: 15,00 €


Accept yourself.

Love yourself.

But more importantly forgive yourself.

And allow yourself to step into new opportunities.

It’s time to reinvent yourself.

I am excited to have you join for the new moon circle in November! Let’s celebrate the powerful energies of the new moon in Sagittarius bringing a lot of capacity for taking the leap into a new cycle. This moon comes with a lot of opportunities, so let’s remind ourselves that our life is filled with opportunities. To begin again, to start something new, to do things differently. The only limit is our fear of not allowing ourselves to fully step into these opportunities and see how they want to unfold for us. The sign of Sagittarius is optimism and trust in life, it represents the spiritual seeker, the one who’s longing to find life’s truths through experiences. New experiences can be thrilling and dangerous at the same time if we do not know what is about to happen. This moon helps us to trust that we are creating our future step by step as we allow ourselves to explore the new, the unknown.


Connect with like-minded people sharing lots of laughter and tears! Turn the tide of disconnection and give yourself the time and space to gather in a beautiful, supportive environment to let go of the old so you can grab on to the new feeling free and powerful. Let’s come together to spend an evening of liberation, surrender, alignment and celebration! Each ceremony is based on the current moon’s energy.

About your coach
I am Anna and I am more than happy and excited to meet you soon! At this time, I find my greatest joy in connecting with humans in a real and authentic way while sharing my gifts and experiences on a heart-based level. Living with a chronic health condition for many years I know how important it is to have a deep and honest connection with my body, mind, heart & soul. In search of healing on a physical and emotional level I discovered many holistic treatments and spiritual practices. I am thankful for every part of my journey, the silent retreat in Bali, the Panchakarma in India, the metaphysic studies in Guatemala and so much more. I now offer my support as a personal coach, yin yoga and meditation teacher, sound healing practitioner and cacao ceremony facilitator. My moon circles are based on an holistic approach by uniting mind, body and soul! My intention is to create a sacred space to deepen into stillness. I will help you to strengthen and tap into your intuition through various rituals and practices by removing obstacles that keep you from listening to the voice within. There will be forms of meditations, divination, setting intentions with the help of oracle cards, essential oils, breath work and so much more! But most of all: I’m fabulously flawed, perfectly imperfect and trust deeply that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


In case of cancellations please send us an email.


Come as you are, dress comfortable (+ extra pair of warm socks) and bring a journal to write down some thoughts and insights.

  • shift down yoga, Augustenstraße 4, München, Deutschland

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Solltest du den Kurs gebucht haben, kannst du ihn hier bewerten.

Katrin    Dezember 2019

Great New- & Full Moon Circle in Munich! I've been there twice already and really enjoyed it lots. Anna is a great host who puts a lot of effort into the preparation and you can feel her passion and enthusiasm in all the small details. Also, connecting with like-minded people is so good for the soul and heart. I look forward to joining many more circles.

Megan    November 2019

I was so excited to see this sort of community start in Munich, and am so grateful to Anna for bringing everyone together. I really treasure the ritual of the new and full moon sessions and always look forward to them. Anna is fantastic, both as a human and in her gifts that she shares with others

Kristina    Oktober 2019

Ich war bei einer New Moon Session mit Kakao-Zeremonie. Und obwohl ich am Anfang skeptisch war, hat mich Anna komplett in ihren Bann gezogen. Am Ende bin ich mit einer neuen Erfahrung herausgegangen, die ich nicht missen möchte. Und noch wichtiger: mit einem neuen Verständnis über mich selbst.