MENTAL STRENGTH - How do you want to show up 2020 & reach your full potential

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Globalization, digital connectivity, accelerated consumption are a few factors that have transformed the playing field for business and our everyday life. McKinsey, for example, suggests that “always-on multi-tasking” life/work environments are killing productivity, dampening creativity and making us unhappy. With our accelerated work environments, and the increased demands on our attention, we cannot hope for the world to slow down. We can instead look to increase our inner capacity - our Emotional Intelligence - to cope better with the environment in which we are living and working. Our approach in western culture is if we do more, we will be more. We are missing the value of being. Cultivate & Train the Inner Experiences - learn how to be present. Be more & let the doing flow from there. Only when we are in the Present Moment we can come into flow and come into high performance. Our brains are trainable - Neuroplasticity explains that what we think, do, and pay attention to changes the structure and function of our brains. What you practice grows stronger. In this workshop we are especially looking into the Mental Superpowers that support us getting into Flow State - only in the present moment we can reach our Full Potential.


  • Reveal the Capacity & Potential you have inside of you.
  • What is Flow State and how do we get there.
  • Start a self discovery process about your definition of High Performance, your Vision and your Personal Philosophy.
  • Learn about the Mental Superpowers.
  • The Science that shows how the practice of Mindfulness can change the structure of the brain.
  • Experience a selection of Mindfulness practices which are the basis of the core Emotional Intelligence skills.
  • THINK WELL! A condition we can train, a skill we can develop.

We can deconstruct the anatomy of flow in any way we want, but the truth of the matter is that it all starts in your mind. Flow is your ability to stay in the present moment...The real key to high performance and tapping into flow is the ability to direct and channel [your] strengths and skills fully in the present moment- and that starts in your mind. The flip side is also true. No matter how strong or skillful you might be, your mind can also impede talent from being expressed and it often does so in insidious ways if you don't take care of it. (George Mumford, 2015)

Our Thoughts have a huge impact on our Performance - learn how to be more in the present moment, bring awareness to your inner voice, and eliminate the noise around you dangerous for your Success.


I’m the founder of Create Mind Space, have a business degree and worked in the corporate world for more than 12 years - most of my career in Product Management/Merchandising in the sporting goods industry at Under Armour and Puma. Originally from Germany I worked and lived in different parts of the world - the US, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria and Denmark. I have a strong understanding of cultural differences and an intuitive approach on tailoring my trainings to different audiences. I love working in International settings – my vision is to bring more Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to companies and people around the world. Making mindfulness my approach to life was a game changer - it helped me to cope with the pace in a competitive corporate environment, to find my true north and to live a more fulfilled and happy life. I practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness since more than 12 years and I’m a certified yoga teacher. I deepened my mindfulness practice through the engage program at the SIY Leadership Institute in San Francisco (https://siyli.org/) and I’m currently studying with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (https://www.soundstrue.com/store/mindfulness-teacher-certification) to broaden my expertise even further. My Passion lies in the approach of Mental Strength especially coming from the world of athletes why I just finished a training by Dr. M.Gervais and Pete Carroll (https://competetocreate.net/). I love to be outdoors, surfing, stand-up-paddling, skiing, running and traveling. My vision is to support people to pursue their Full Potential, reconnect them to their inner truth with understanding how their mind and body function so they can return to the Path of Mastery. I love to share my experiences and practices with others to discover their best selves and offer Mindfulness & EI Trainings based on Neuroscience around the world.


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I’d like to give the opportunity to non-German speakers to join the workshop why it will be held in English but interaction during the session in German is welcome. Please bring your notebook and pen.

  • Kitchen2Soul, Schlörstraße 1, München, Deutschland

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