Yoga for back and neck

Yoga - Support your back (Private Session / Online)

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Yoga to relieve your back and neck (Private Session / Online)

Strained back and neck from sitting crouched over your laptop and mobile phone for hours? Tense muscles from unconscious movement patterns? 

Join me for 60 minutes of targeted yoga to relieve your back and neck. Lengthen those tense muscles. Strengthen your whole back. Raise your awareness and create healthier movement patterns. Enjoy the sense of ease resulting from this supporting practice. 

The session will be held in English. 


In case of any physical or mental health issues, please consult a doctor and inform the teacher before booking a session.


About me
Hey! I am Christine, a yoga & mindfulness teacher currently based in Munich & on tour around the world. Having been a sport-addict since I was young, I was always in movement and tried out a bunch of different sports without taking care about style and type. I jumped from vaulting over handball to wakeboard and surfing - and loved it all! In 2007 I discovered yoga and stuck to it. Later on I finished a Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and a Yoga Therapy Training. Trough diverse workshops, seminars and self studies (e.g. Liquidflowyoga Immersion, Hands-on Assists Workshops, or a Sequencing Teacher Training) I deepen my knowledge and experience. In earlier days I sprinted through my days like Roadrunner. Only through the practice of yoga and mindfulness I developed clarity, calm and structure. The ability to really tune out. In my sessions, I would like to pass these experiences on to my students.

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The session will be held online via Zoom. The link will be contained in the confirmation email that you receive after booking the session. Create yourself a space where you can move freely on your yoga mat in all directions. Place your laptop or mobile phone in such a way that I can see you fully (also when you are standing upright) and give you helpful verbal assists. Wear comfortable sports clothes. Bring any props you have (yoga blocks, yoga strap, meditation cushion). If you don’t have any you can instead use books, a slim towel and a blanket.

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Solltest du den Kurs gebucht haben, kannst du ihn hier bewerten.

Carina    Juli 2020

Wunderschöne, sehr achtsame Stunde mit intensiven Dehnungen & sehr viel Bewusstsein & Raum für Atmung und die Ausübung jeder einzelnen Asana. Sehr gerne wieder✨☺️

Yenneke    April 2020

Christine it was so good to follow your practice again, thank you so much for doing this class

Chloe    März 2020

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your teaching and guidance. I feel extremely lucky to have met you and to be part of your yoga teaching journey. You helped me to dig deep and have the confidence in not only my own decisions but in myself as a whole again. This time really allowed me to tune into what I really want from life and I haven’t felt this free in years. Thank you so much and I hope our paths cross again!