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Sound Bowl Healing - Special Pre-Mother's Day Event - Online Pop-Up

Teilnehmeranzahl: 1-20
Preis: 10,00 €

Happy Mother's Day on May 9th! Join our Special Pre-Mother's Day Online Event the day before, where every participant is invited to bring their amazing Mothers from all around the world for free, to celebrate the special Woman in our lives that brought us here;) Just e-mail us their email addresses after the purchase for them to be included in the session!

Meditation and Sound Bowl healing for All Levels. A sound bath is a group healing experience that uses sound to induce a meditative state. It's an almost effortless way to achieve a deeper meditation as the sounds help to facilitate shifts in our brainwaves. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves to downshift our normal consciousness to a meditative state making it possible for internal healing and insight to take place. Enjoy this restful session to reach a deeper state within!

  • Teacher: Lisa

  • Language: English / German

Lisa is a Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist, Meditation Teacher, Sound & Yoga Therapist. She found her true purpose in combining conventional medicine with different holistic modalities, especially sound therapy to practice an integrative approach to help people step into their potential by helping them to release unhealed traumas and learn to deeply relax to consequently be able to live a life they truly love and deserve. During the years of her work with Sound she evolved her very own techniques and ways to work with crystal singing bowls and other high vibrational instruments. She shares this knowledge in her courses, workshops and speeches all over the world.

Cancellation conditions:

Cancellations can be done online via Eversports until 24 before the activity starts.

What you'll need:

  • PC, mobile phone or tablet with internet connection

  • A quiet place for you, your yoga mat or something to practice on

  • Any props if you like to use them for your practice

  • Comfortable clothes to practice in

How to book:

  • Purchase below by booking now and e-mail hello@lylasoulyoga.de to include your Mother's E-Mail Address

  • 15 minutes before your session in your Eversports profile under 'My Bookings', you will find a link to our video tool Zoom for the corresponding session

  • If necessary you have to install Zoom. It's very easy and takes about 5 minutes. You do not have to create an account there.

  • Joining with or without video. If you are comfortable, we reccomend joining with video so that we can see your lovely faces, give better adjustments and have a sense of flowing as a community. No matter if you're in sweats or your space is tidy;) Either way you'll be able to see us still.

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What you will need Online: 1. Internet connection 2. Zoom and Spotify downloaded 3. A yoga mat and any props you may need (blocks/books, straps, pillows, blankets) 4. A quiet space 5. Something to drink! Any questions (e.g. regarding the event or login issues)? Please contact hello@lylasoulyoga.de.

  • Online

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LYLA Soul Yoga specializes in pop-up style Classes and Events that will break you out of your normal routine and mindset. Sweat, dance or meditate it out during these creative and free-flowing sessions with your favorite local Teachers!

Online Pop-Up - Building a network of open-minded and creative Yogi Teachers and Students to: support one another in a balanced giving and receiving partnership, exchange ideas with courage and acceptance, provide flexibility and freedom of classes that are for all and reasonably priced, challenge ourselves to push past our comfort levels in order to learn and grow — no matter what the circumstances are. Wherever you are, you’re exactly where you are suppose to be.

The Collective - A diverse group of teachers that are open-minded, empathetic, passionate and hardworking but different and unique in their own special ways. Each bringing something different to the mat, you can be sure that our number one goal is to spread good vibes by doing what makes us happy.


Solltest du den Kurs gebucht haben, kannst du ihn hier bewerten.

Lena    August 2021

Thank you very much for the great yoga flow with nice music. After 75 min. I will be in my mind. It was a great event and I will motivate every one to book it.

Johanna    August 2021

Super schöner Flow und tolle Musik

Markus    März 2021

ihre Anleitungen der Übungen waren sehr verständlich, ich konnte es sehr gut umsetzten. Es war ganz besonders, dass ich diese Yoga Stunde kostenlos bekommen habe, ein herzliches Dankeschön

Paulina    November 2020

Super tolle Atmosphäre, wahnsinnig schöne Musik und ein kreativer Yoga Flow!

Denise    September 2020

It was an excellent class. For someone who has not done a lot of yoga it was a great session and Heidi's calming voice and teaching rythmn worked well for someone on my level. Loved the music and headphones concept!

Isabel    September 2020

Amazing yoga + music! Thanks so much

Justyna    August 2020

Super Musik, tolle Location! Aber man hat Sinah von den hinteren Reihen nicht gesehen. Somit müsste sie höher positioniert werden. Oder Monitore. Oder günstiger Preis, denn one price for all so nicht ganz fair. Aber schön war’s, vielen Dank!

Omair    August 2020

Sehr gut!

Martin    August 2020

Mega schönes Event mit einem tollen Yoga Flow und cooler Musik.

Katharina    August 2020

Es war so ein schönes Event! ♥️lichen Dank!

Galina    August 2020

Amazing atmosphere, great music, positive vibes, strong energy, and best inspiring yoga flow!! Unforgettable experience, thank you!!

Jasmin    August 2020

Es war sehr schön!

Sarah Ann    Juli 2020

It was a wonderful Yoga Experience. It lifted my spirits & improved my flexibility. I have recommended my friends to join in on September 6th!

Sandy    Juli 2020

Amazing experience with great music from Lula and well led yoga flow by Heidi. I will def be attending this event again in the future and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new.

Christopher    Juni 2020

Super Kurs! Tolle Idee, perfekt gelaufen. Ich bin nächstes Mal auch definitiv dabei! Danke! :)

Angelika    April 2020

Super Yogastunde mit toller Musik Playlist!

Nathalie    März 2020

great session with lovely Music. I recommend it. Have good time with DJ Lyla

Nathalie    März 2020

great session with lovely Music. I recommend it. Have good time with DJ Lyla

Tandi    März 2020

I loved this class! I'm a beginner and I could keep up with Ly's instructions. Ly made it fun with her music and happy attitude (and her super cute dog made a brief appearance). This was a great way to enjoy 1 hour in the evening from home!

Em    März 2020

My boyfriend (1st experience w/ yoga) and I (2nd experience) did Lyla’s online class and had an awesome experience. Lyla is an excellent teacher and her ideas are truly innovative. She is always implementing amazing music, new ideas, and good vibes into her classes and events. 100% recommend, especially for anyone who is a beginner like me :)

Madlen    März 2020

Die online Yogastunde war einfach ein super Ausgleich zum Alltag. Besonders toll fand ich die Musik dazu. Bei der nächsten Onlinesession würde ich noch ein Mikrofon empfehlen. Ansonsten super! Gerne wieder und sehr zu empfehlen!

Christine    März 2020

Yoga mit Ly macht sehr viel Spaß. Bei ihr kommt noch Dance und tolle Musik dazu. Klasse!