Hatha Yoga Workshop in Englisch

(Online) Yoga session in English

Teilnehmeranzahl: 4-30

Aufgrund der aktuellen Gesundheitslage ist dies ein Live Onlinekurs! Der Link dazu wird dir ca. 30 Minuten vor Kursbeginn in einer separaten E-Mail von Marina direkt zugeschickt. Überprüfe auch deinen Spam Ordner. Bitte Audio und Video (so bist du ganz bei der Sache und es kommt Community Feeling auf) anmachen und eine Matte bereit legen.

Do you want to feel more balanced again? Find your inner balance again? During this time, yoga practice is very important to calm the chaos of thoughts, to connect with yourself and to strengthen the immune system. Our often stressful and sometimes very Yang-shaped everyday life disturbs our inner balance. With Hatha Yoga we bring this energetic restlessness back into balance through asanas (exercises), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.  Because hatha is the balance between tension and relaxation, yin and yang, male and female - in you! Hatha is characterized above all by slow and energizing processes.  These calming but at the same time strengthening asanas bring body and mind back into harmony.

About me

My name is Marina, I am the founder of Namastree, born in Germany in 1985 and have traveled a lot around the world. As a result, I also got to know many yoga styles. In 2016 I finished my training as an Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyassa yoga teacher in India and in July 2018 I completed another yoga training in Peru with shamanic elements. There was also training as a nutritionist and soul coach, because for me yoga means the balance between body, mind and soul. Let me take you on a journey of relaxation and inner balance.


Lade dir vorab schon die Zoom App herunter (https://zoom.us/j/2172976197). Bitte immer 10-15 min vorher online sein, um evtl. technische Schwierigkeiten rechtzeitig zu beheben.

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