Restorative Yoga after Work: Move with Ease, DE-STRESS & BREATH!

Low intensity class focusing on releasing tension, moving mindfully & deep relax

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Restorative Yoga after Work: Move with Ease & DE-STRESS. You deserve to FEEL BETTER.

Mental stress is becoming one of the biggest global problems and is the main reason for Neurological and Psychological disorders. Anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, and overthinking have now become a part of our day to day life. Unfortunately, they have a long-term impact on our mind, body, and soul. We also store tension in the body due to wrong posture, lack of movement, as well as emotional and mental stress. Furthermore, fast breathing is associated with tension, worry, and fear that can affect our health and our state of mind.  

The ancient science of Yoga and Meditation has long been acknowledged as the most powerful tool to master the mind and cope with stress in our daily life. This class will be perfect when you want to slow down after work, feel good and have some "me-time". 

The holistic approach to this class ensures that we will work on our mind, clear the clutter and feel calm. We will do calming breathwork (pranayama) and I will guide you through yoga nidra/deep relaxation at the end of the session to relax fully and prepare yourself for a good night sleep! 

What we will cover

  • We will begin the session with moility drills and warmup exercises to prepare the body for the practice.  
  • I will guide you through mindful movement dynamic movements and learn how we can meditate while we are moving our bodies. 
  • Furthermore, how to use simple breathing exercises to de-stress even in a hectic everyday life. In a closed group, you will then experience a few powerful breathing lessons. A combination of yogic breathing techniques and breathwork will be used to you feel calmer, de-stress, and just feel good.  
  • During deep relaxation, we will explore our deep-rooted resolve to manifest our best self and then seeding that Intent within our sub-conscious realms. Yoga Nidra is also one of the most relaxing yoga practices and allows us to experience deep and subtle layers of our being. It is an incredible exploration of one's Consciousness. Studies show that 30 mins of Deep Relaxation are as good as 2 hours of normal sleep!  All you need for this session is a yoga mat, a pillow, and an eye cover/ patch.

SHARING is CARING! Bring your friends along and practice together with your yoga buddy! 

Über mich
I am from India and have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. I became a registered yoga teacher at the young age of 19 and have been teaching yoga and mindfulness, conducting group classes and workshops in India and Germany. I have been teaching for a decade now with an experience of teaching over 8000 hours of yoga. After learning from different schools teaching different styles of yoga such as Iyengar Yoga and Sivananda Yoga, I created a style that focuses on releasing the tension, getting fit, and feeling calm and centered with a dash of yoga philosophy. It is my endeavor to bring an authentic and holistic style of yoga to people and make all aspects of yoga accessible: postures, breathing techniques, yoga nidra, meditation, and philosophy. 

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Please wear something comfortable for yoga and keep water ready to keep yourselves hydrated.

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Nagaraj    Oktober 2020

Sehr gut!

Laura    Oktober 2020

It was a great Start in a sunday morning, energizing and strengthening. Chinmayee does a great Job :)

Betina    Oktober 2020

Favorite Yoga class in Munich! And the perfect start to the weekend with a mix of warm-up, flows and relaxation.

Basira    September 2020

Great teacher, lovely location and amazing atmosphere! Thank you so much Chinmayee!

Blum    September 2020

Superb Yoga class!

Lisa    September 2020

It has truly been a wonderful experience. Loved it a lot - being outside in Englischer Garten and enjoy this holistic yoga class

Nagaraj    September 2020

Sehr gut

Chaitra    September 2020

Der Yoga-Kurs war sehr energisch und wunderbar. einfach das beste! Chinmayee ist ein sehr sachkundiger und erfahrener Lehrer