Holistic & Authentic Yoga for Fitness and Mindfulness

Energize, Soften, Breathe and Relax

Teilnehmeranzahl: 1-20
Preis: ab 6,00 €  (weitere Kurspakete)

Every class consists of either a strong energizing flow or calming relaxing flow followed by gentle stretches and Deep Relaxation.

Join us to practice an authentic and holistic style of yoga that focuses on fitness and mindfulness equally. I have designed this style for modern yogis who want to take care of their mind and body, have maximum impact in short period of time and want to feel good after yoga. That is the beauty of yoga, you can work on fitness and feel refreshed at the same time. 

Would you like to practice yoga to work on your fitness as well as mindfulness and practice yoga to get an energy boost? Then this class is perfect for you. You can also check the classes and workshop calendar here to get an overview of the yoga classes in English in Munich.

In this session, I teach the sequence that you can practice every morning to feel energized, a few gentle stretches to release tension from the body, and a few breathing techniques to keep them calm and focused during the day. 

What will we do? 

✔️ The class begins with breathing exercises and dynamic movements to warm-up.
✔️ Surya Namaskars and breathing, learn step by step do to all 12 postures in sun salutations.
✔️ An energizing vinyasa sequence to build strength & flexibility and feel invigorating. 
✔️ A few gentle stretches to release the blockages from body
✔️ Guided Deep relaxation to help us release our tension even more
✔️ pranayama (breathing exercises) and yogic meditation techniques 

SHARING is CARING! Bring your friends along and practice together with your yoga buddy! You will get discounts for bringing a friend and booking two tickets at once. 

Who can join? Do I need to have an experience in Yoga?
No, beginners are welcome to join, however, please note that the class is intense. Anyone who wants to clear their minds, practice yoga from an experienced teacher, and also work on their fitness and flexibility goals can join the class. I will teach you how to use yoga as a tool to get fit, to de-stress, and to be calm and centered in stressful situations.

How can I contact the teacher?
Please email me at namaste@chinmayeepai.com

What's the refund policy? Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?
All tickets have a 7-day refund policy and can be transferable to another customer or future event. Furthermore, all tickets are transferable, however, please email the name change to namaste@chinmayeepai.com

Cancellation or postponement due to certain circumstances?
Please note, we reserve the right to cancel at least two hours in advance if there are less than a certain number of sign ups and other unforeseen circumstances (ie, weather, event space, teacher, caterer, etc). A refund or voucher will be offered for a future course. Thank you for your understanding!

I am from India and have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. I became a registered yoga teacher at the young age of 19 and have been teaching yoga and mindfulness, conducting group classes and workshops in India and Germany. I have been teaching for a decade now with an experience of teaching over 8000 hours of yoga. After learning from different schools teaching different styles of yoga such as Iyengar Yoga and Sivananda Yoga, I created a style that focuses on releasing the tension, getting fit, and feeling calm and centered with a dash of yoga philosophy. It is my endeavor to bring an authentic and holistic style of yoga to people and make all aspects of yoga accessible: postures, breathing techniques, yoga nidra, meditation, and philosophy.  You can learn more about me and my style on my website. 

Say hello on social media: 

Practice with me on YouTube: https://bit.ly/3frM6Ti
Visit my website: https://chinmayeepai.com/
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Nagaraj    Oktober 2020

Sehr gut!

Laura    Oktober 2020

It was a great Start in a sunday morning, energizing and strengthening. Chinmayee does a great Job :)

Betina    Oktober 2020

Favorite Yoga class in Munich! And the perfect start to the weekend with a mix of warm-up, flows and relaxation.

Basira    September 2020

Great teacher, lovely location and amazing atmosphere! Thank you so much Chinmayee!

Blum    September 2020

Superb Yoga class!

Lisa    September 2020

It has truly been a wonderful experience. Loved it a lot - being outside in Englischer Garten and enjoy this holistic yoga class

Nagaraj    September 2020

Sehr gut

Chaitra    September 2020

Der Yoga-Kurs war sehr energisch und wunderbar. einfach das beste! Chinmayee ist ein sehr sachkundiger und erfahrener Lehrer