Luftakrobatik, verleiht Dir Flügel - Schwerelos und Atemberaubende Freiheit

Aerial Hoop Intermediate Drop in

Teilnehmeranzahl: 5-8

Start to fly .

These are suitable for students who have gained a strong sense of basic skills or have knowledge and experience in other aerial apparatuses to an Intermediate Level.

The skills in these classes will build further on your repertoire of hoop moves and prepare you for putting these into combinations confidently.

There is a focus on good form and strength to prepare you for finding the musicality in each combination.

Love Deelia 


Pls. have a leggings and an additional long sleeve shirt with you. In the hoop is better to wear a leggings and a long sleeve. Fun and a lot of curiosity. Tryouts can not been canceled because we save you a spot in here The Offline Workshop is taking Part in Freilassinger Strasse 58, 83410 Laufen For everybody who is participating vie zoom pls. make sure that you have the following equipment. You need your own hoop at home.