Charity Yoga Event Munich

Lions Portal - Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing

Teilnehmeranzahl: 2-9
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General info:
  • in german/english depending on participants (or bilingual whenever needed ;) )
  • we meet in Shift Down Yoga studio (current safety measures)

A special cacao ceremony to celebrate the Lions Portal and New Moon in Leo together!

Participate in a cacao ceremony that will move you from any fear based low vibrations into a safe, compassionate and loving frequency. Cacao is an ancestral plant medicine with the power to heal and strengthening the heart, feeling love and raising awareness. So nourish your day with a practice that allows you to align your actions with your purpose in the here and now. I am happy to share the many physical and energetic benefits of cacao with you. The cacao I use is ceremonial grade, vegan, fair trade, raw and organic. Pure, blissful medicine from Guatemala!

Donation based: all donations go to Azurkind, a foundation supporting children in Sri Lanka. Azurkind was founded by Ute (Shift Down Yoga), she is a wonderful example of someone who is walking the talk when it comes to social responsibility. Knowing her personally and having been travelling through Sri Lanka myself I can assure you the money will end up where it is needed and heartily appreciated!

Getting ready for the ceremony: please eat a light meal beforehand and avoid dairy products as well as caffeine and alcohol. Cacao can do its magic best when hydrated so please make sure to drink some water prior. Cacao is not recommended for pregnant women or people who are taking heart medication/ anti-depressants. If so, you are welcome to join the ceremony without cacao or have a smaller serving. If you’d like to bring a crystal or any other sacred object to have with you or place on the altar, please do :)

Experience a breakthrough Lions Portal Cacao Ceremony paired with

  • astrological insights on the Lions Portal and New Moon

  • contemplation, reflexion & journaling exercises

  • sharing & empowering each other

  • sound healing with Crystal Alchemy Bowls

  • deep meditation & end relaxation

Come and join us in this this amazingly beautiful Sacred Plant Ceremony that will leave you feeling more connected to yourself, the planet & everyone around you :) If you are new to cacao magic and have any questions, just send me a message!

About the Location

We will meet at the beautiful new Shift Down Yoga, a small yoga studio we will have on our own for the time set. It's a wonderful place with a special energy! You will feel comfortable the moment you step in! It's located in Arcisstraße 55, Maxvorstadt, easy to reach :)


Regarding cancellations please send us an email.


Please bring: something comfortable to sit on (blanket, mat, cushion), a cup and a spoon for the cacao, a bottle of water to stay hydrated and something to take notes :) If for any reason you can't make it please let me know at so I can give your spot to someone else :)

  • Arcisstraße 55, München, Deutschland

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Über mich


Solltest du den Kurs gebucht haben, kannst du ihn hier bewerten.

Miriam Februar 2020

Schönes zusammenkommen

Eliza Februar 2020

Wundervoller Workshop

Isabelle Februar 2020

Beautiful course! Anna created a sacred space and I really loved how she had everything set up so beautifully! I had never been to a moon circle and I enjoyed it!

Nima Januar 2020

Ich habe am 12.01.2020 an der Kakao Zeremonie teilgenommen und es hat mir sehr gut gefallen und mir richtig gutgetan. Ich kann es wärmstens weiter empfehlen. Deine wunderbare Art, diese Zeremonie zu gestalten, der kuschelige Raum und auch die Teilnehmer haben das Ganze zu einer sehr schönen Erfahrung werden lassen. Der Kakao war in seiner authentischen und natürlichen Art köstlich. Danke für Alles

Tobi Januar 2020

Danke für den wundervollen Raum den du uns eröffnet hast! Es war eine sehr bereichernde Erfahrung, mit den von dir gebotenen Tools, in diesen heilsamen und vertrauen Raum einzutauchen.

Sarah Dezember 2019

Ich war das erste Mal bei einem Full Moon Circle und entsprechend schon sehr gespannt, was mich erwartet. :) Anna war eine wahnsinnig tolle Gastgeberin, die die gesamte Gruppe großartig durch die einzelnen Meditationen geführt hat. Der Kurs hilft einem, auch nach einer anstrengend Woche mal den Pause-Knopf im Kopf zu drücken und sich die Zeit zu nehmen, in sich hinein zu hören. Egal, ob als Anfänger oder schon mit etwas Erfahrung im Bereich Meditation: Der Kurs holt jeden ganz individuell an seinem Erfahrungslevel ab :) Ich habe mich super abgeholt gefühlt und werde auf jeden Fall noch öfter Annas tolle Kurse besuchen.

Katrin Dezember 2019

Great New- & Full Moon Circle in Munich! I've been there twice already and really enjoyed it lots. Anna is a great host who puts a lot of effort into the preparation and you can feel her passion and enthusiasm in all the small details. Also, connecting with like-minded people is so good for the soul and heart. I look forward to joining many more circles.

Megan November 2019

I was so excited to see this sort of community start in Munich, and am so grateful to Anna for bringing everyone together. I really treasure the ritual of the new and full moon sessions and always look forward to them. Anna is fantastic, both as a human and in her gifts that she shares with others

Kristina Oktober 2019

Ich war bei einer New Moon Session mit Kakao-Zeremonie. Und obwohl ich am Anfang skeptisch war, hat mich Anna komplett in ihren Bann gezogen. Am Ende bin ich mit einer neuen Erfahrung herausgegangen, die ich nicht missen möchte. Und noch wichtiger: mit einem neuen Verständnis über mich selbst.