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Teilnehmeranzahl: 4-50
Preis: ab 8,00 €  (weitere Kurspakete)

Greet-the-Day is an energizing, but also relaxing Vinyasa-Yogasession. It has an active and a passive part to keep balanced. We will start with a short meditation or breathing-exercise (Pranayama), continue with a dynamic movement and finish the class with relaxation - Savasana. During the movements we always try to be aware of our breath. The goal of this session is to calm your mind, gain more self-conciousness and just feel good and strong with a fresh start of the day :)

About Impossible Woman's Club

An inclusive and empowering platform giving you the confidence to be YOU. A place for you to meet other like-minded women to connect, share and inspire.

Our Mission

Our mission is to CONNECT, EDUCATE AND EMPOWER women that will not only inspire the next generation of females, but provide a community for those in the present.

Agata, the Original Impossible Woman

I started THE IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN’S CLUB to help YOU fight the fear, to encourage you to own who you are as women and live life on your terms. I collaborate with amazing teachers, mindfulness coaches to support you with your overall well-being.

Our Teacher - The Impossible Collaborator - Steffie

Steffie travelled to India - not only once - to become a certified yoga teacher and to share her passion and knowledge with others. Through further educations and trainings her classes got shaped especially in health conciousness and Iyengar-alignment. A mindful yoga practice is very important to her. She believes that in a time full of stress and fast pace you could easely loose track of yourself. Through Yoga you can keep your body and mind in balance, listen to your heart and be in the very present moment.


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Denise    März 2020

Thank you Agata! I really enjoyed your course! ♥️ So please do continue your great work